Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Welcome to the CONE blog . Here you will find all the plush toys that I have been working on. All the toys are made with glitter vinyl which is kind of like a 50 s diner material . The eyes and mouths are made from leather that I dye and paint, everything is sewn up on a industrial sewing machine .Then the toys are stuffed with Cotton batten. Available in red,pink,green,blue,white and silver. All the toys are completely made by hand with love by the artist 10 inch 25 bux. Good for throwing at people.

saucer attack t-shirt

30 bux Thanks to Paul k for helping me with the art work. Big up Paul! k                                                         SOLD OUT!

15 inch cones!

15 1nch cones 65$ bux , A little bigger alot more pissed of.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

cyclops cone!

one eye one love 15 inch 65 bux

3 scooper

triple scooper 3 foot 300 bux . When I was making the original cones I thought of this guy and had to make him . Hes like a totem pole of insane ice cream .


24 inches of madness for only 150 bux

Who wouldent want a large bloody push knife?

                                                       Thats my Mom!
                                                    22 inch large bloody knife with glow in the dark label  65 bux

                                            key fob 15 buxs
     change purse 25 bux . Perfect for international travel                                         


   The Furrys like the cones are all a little different . Made with fun fur, glitter vinyl and specialty leather . Large 65 bux   sml 25bux                                            
                                                            Party time!